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It is a specialized blog in the platform Blueger we love our field and try not to get out of its framework a lot, specialization is the secret of excellence and then the establishment of the blog in 2019 and thanks to God in a very short time took its place among the famous blogs specialized in this field so we are asking topics in our own style and simplified away from copying and paste. Who am I?  My name is Alaa Mohammed Ba's Knowledge and Computer, which i started blogging for the first time in 2017 I have experience in the operating systems, but the most thing I like about Dwayne in the field of blueger and I have experience in designing templates and profit from the internet and I decided to share my experience with others through the blog by putting out tutorials and explanations and you can only You call me. Comments in the blog Of course all that we do is for the sake of the reader and in our turn we are not going to communicate and interact with us and express his opinions and criticisms about the topics on the blog, but we take our responsibility for any comment posted on the blog if it is considered the opinion of its author and we have nothing to do with it from close or far and the comments are offensive as well. Photos and themes The images presented in all topics and blogs are our own designs using some other pictures, so you can say that they are exclusive pictures of the blog, the same applies to the topics live they are topics exclusively specific to the blog and there are no topics to say so please do not transfer topics from The blog without mentioning the source with the link topics, the topics and pictures are in line with our policy. Alerts and suggestions Our path to success is groundless without your opinions and suggestions as well as your criticisms, so we welcome every correspondence from you that contains guidance to correct the error of the blog or alert to abuses, as well as referring to suggestions that may benefit the blog and its visitors.

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