Women in STEM: Victoria Honour


Victoria Honour could be a Ph.D. candidate within the Department of Earth Sciences, World Health Organization studies rock and emulsions. Emulsions square measure typically studied for creating things like salad dressing, ice cream, moisturiser or within the rock oil business for gasoline or diesel. however Victoria appearance at them to visualize however liquified rock (magma) solidifies once it’s unfree to a lower place the Earth’s surface. Here, she tells USA concerning her analysis, bivouacking in Kalaallit Nunaat and volcanic eruptions.


I have always loved the great outdoors and I was lucky enough to grow up on a working family farm. 

At my state faculty, I enjoyed science, however it all appeared a small amount detached from the $64000 world. Earth Sciences is nice as a result of it uses all the sciences to higher perceive our planet (and others!). I did my college boy degree at the University of Oxford within the Earth Sciences Department. I then spent a year doing associate MSc in economic geology at the Camborne faculty of Mines in county, before coming back to Cambridge for my Doctor of Philosophy.

If you find something intriguing or want to ask questions about how something works, then you're a scientist. 

Science is regarding exploring new frontiers, looking for one thing novel. Science does not care regarding your identity. thus albeit you do not recognize anyone such as you, United Nations agency has followed the career you would like or taken the topic you would like to check at A-level, it does not matter, follow what you like and facilitate discover one thing new.

I am researching the physical behaviour of emulsions in porous media.

While emulsions ar wide studied within the rock oil trade, carbon sequestration and food science, my interest lies in however these liquids behave throughout the evolution of huge bodies of liquid rock cornered below the Earth's surface. As magmas cool and solidify within the Earth's crust, they will split into 2 immiscible liquids - one silica-rich and one iron-rich. the various physical properties of those liquids mean that they'll break away one another, appreciate vinegar mixed with oil. This has necessary implications for the chemical evolution of the stone and thence the event of connected ore deposits and therefore the vogue (explosivity) of volcanic eruptions.

I combine experiments, geochemistry and nanoscale imaging techniques to quantify the physical behaviour of emulsions in magma. 

By understanding however emulsions type and migrate, we are able to gain insight into ore deposit formation and placement. The igneous morphology community within the Department of Earth Sciences could be a world-leading cluster of scientists, and it's fantastic to possess the chance to debate ideas, hear regarding the newest morphology analysis and learn from such a gaggle.

I have a number of very different projects, which makes every day rather different.

Today I finished cutting up eighty four rocks with a power saw. I collected these on a six-week sashay to east Greenland last summer. i'm process these rocks to search out out their chemistry and origin.

Last year I spent one or two of months at the University of Liege in European country, to conduct experiments that concerned heating fine rock to 1100 degrees astronomer so 'freezing' it at completely different temperatures. In between visits away, I analyse completely different rock samples victimisation work instrumentation within the Department of Earth Sciences so pay time process the information employing a type of software package. In Earth Sciences, we have a tendency to work with restricted datasets, as a result of you cannot sample the entire planet, therefore we've to create interpretations from our knowledge. the primary time my work showed one thing new was a extremely exciting moment - I finally felt sort of a 'proper' scientist!

During fieldwork in east Greenland I camped 400 km away from civilisation. 

I spent 5 weeks with 5 alternative scientists in an exceedingly actually spectacular surroundings, with gorgeous iceberg-filled fjords, fantastic life, dramatic mountains and glacial worn rocks with no vegetation: good for geologists. it had been a good expertise, operating within the field, creating observations, discussing and refinement hypotheses; a extremely nice cooperative approach to science!
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